I Am Happy Pin The official “I Am Happy Pin” wear it to represent the I Am Happy Project and to remind yourself and others to be happy! Only $5.

1 pin ($5)

 10 pins ($40)




10 Ways to be Happy Cards FREE “10 Ways to Be Happy Cards” – (full color high quality laminated) You may order your “Ten Ways to be Happy” wallet sized cards here. They are FREE and you get 25 Cards per order. There is a $3 fee to cover shipping within the US (for those outside the US, we will attempt to ship them with the $3, if more, we will notify you). Please include your contact information and email address. (per 25 cards)


I Am Happy Song

The is a song written for the I Am Happy Project and released during the Global Happiness Summit. It was an instant hit with the attendees at the summit. Now you have a chance to take it home for only $2!
Sargent Tucker”s singing style is original, reminiscent of many great traditional R & B soul singer. During his earlier years he shared the stage with Bill Cosby, the Spinners, Miracles, Whispers and Earth Wind & Fire.

Happines Journal

My Happiness Journal

This journal will help you maintain or increase your happiness level. Most people already know the benefits of keeping gratitude journal; this journal will take you to the next level. You will have gratitude journal, happiness journal, unhappiness journal (yes, you become happier if you reduce the things that make you unhappy), happiness exercises and the ten ways to be happy all in one place.

One day at a time is not too difficult. You have 90 daily entries per journal. You can start today to strengthen your happiness muscles. You too can become happy not just some of the time or most of the time, but all of the time.