Here is a premise to ponder: That you were born psychic and intuitive – meaning you came in with extra-sensory radar that could move beyond time and space and report back with information you had not heard nor seen, tasted, smelled or touched. coach-jay-psychic-pic

Every now and then you likely get glimmers of your psychic ability in the form of “intuition.” There is something you just “know” or feel. Most of us commonly dismiss, diminish or ignore this awareness. Think of the times you have later muttered “Oh, if I had only followed my intuition about this situation (or person)!”

Given my premise that you were born psychic – meaning with access to knowledge and information which did not come through your five senses and that often go well beyond the subtle pattern-recognition phenomena of your brain – then those moments of intuition or psychic clarity would hardly be remarkable in their own right.

They stand out sharply ONLY against a general daily life in which you are out of touch with this side of yourself and instead are running on (and thinking with) other information and systems – or as science has shown, with other parts of the brain.

In fact, we know from voluminous research into psychic phenomenon by scientists and scholars associated with many leading universities and institutions, including Princeton University’s Engineering Dept., that psychic knowing is normative, not unusual. Some people have an extraordinary amount of it. Others have inklings.

Continuing with my premise, if we were all born psychic, there are profound implications to this. 

– Ipso facto, you possess some yet unexplained receptors that allow you to read or detect subtle information fields.
– That those subtle information fields exist somewhere.

– That this must be an innate human ability, the degree of which varies with different people.

– That this ability must to some degree either be quashed or encouraged by the experiences in childhood, including the manner in which you are nurtured and programmed by family, friends and community.

– Because so many of us don’t retain much access to this level of knowing, it is fairly safe to conclude that most societies and child socialization processes tend to suppress rather than encourage this latent ability.

– That this ability is not something you created. It MUST have a larger and brilliantly intelligent source.

– That if this capacity is innate and lying dormant in you, there may be ways to reclaim that knowing by clearing away your programmed, reactive and emotional blocks to accessing it.

– That the blocks to it can be cleared given that some people become more intuitive and psychic as they age or as they train themselves (evolve themselves) differently.

– That the clear evolutionary possibility of the species is to evolve past the mind chatter we call “thinking” into a clear state of operating and choosing from a deeper knowing that ipso facto is connected to a universal field of all knowing.

I write this as a person who is myself highly psychic and who knows many others who are as well.

My earlier business success was helped along significantly by a clarity in specific situations that went beyond any information I possessed or ego claims I might have made for rational decision making.

My success as a life coach has been consistently supported by an ability to see the very specific childhood development pattern of my clients and, even more profoundly, by a gift that I certainly didn’t create for myself: to be able to fathom the authentic nature and innate specific creativity of my clients – ie., who they would be and how they would be expressing themselves in the world if they could shed their inhibiting socialized programs and beliefs and heal their reactive emotional bodies and mind chatter.

My experience of clients happily acknowledging their inner alignment with these visions, which are akin to “soul readings,” and then moving their lives into successful alignment with these paths, has shown me the extraordinary value of operating from an inner knowing that transcends the senses and taps into a field of awareness with which mystics (and many meditators) are familiar – and which, alas, has been socialized into insignificance in the daily lives of most of us.

No surprise then that my preference is that we all learn to reclaim this gift, and my belief is the species and each of us will thrive as we do so.

Moreover, in an age of potential self-inflicted mass annihilation from nuclear or human-created ecological causes, not to  reclaim this aptitude is extraordinarily dangerous, in that it leaves individual, societal and political decision-making to the more mechanical parts of our brains and therefore to the mercies of our socialized trainings  – and these significantly work to  disconnect us from both our true selves and from each other, whereas inner knowing is a taproot to wisdom and to connective, sane thinking in alignment with nature.

Meanwhile, on your individual life path, why remove the blocks and regain this aptitude? Because the “thinking” and chattering parts of your mind make so many mistakes in your personal life.  Furthermore, by you believing that your mind activity is You, and by then giving it so much authority over your decisions, you block yourself from a remarkably different (and more success-inducing) way of knowing, understanding, deciding and moving through life.

That said, if you are like most people, you will be skeptical about psychic aptitude being latent even if you accept that it is sometimes real. It’s not inherent in you nor in most people you know, would be your thinking. My experience is different. I have taken groups of individuals who have each proclaimed to have no psychic abilities whatever, and shown them with one simple exercise how much – why look at this! – they actually know about a stranger in the room.

Typically, I take a group through a specific guided meditation and then pair the participants up with someone they don’t know. Each person then is asked to describe the way each parent of their partner treated them in childhood, and further to describe each parent’s personality. Each participant has thus far then reported to me that their partner was 100% accurate. I have done this exercise three times with a total of about 50 people.

There are two paths to more routinely accessing your inner knowing.

Meditation is one path in that it stills the chattering, judgmental mind and can allow your depth knowing, clarity and intuition to come forward.

The other path is via clearing your psychological blocks, programmed behavior and reactive emotional body sufficiently to allow your deeper self to have authority over your life guided by your inner knowing. A number of coaches and mastery trainers, myself included, also teach methods for more readily accessing your deeper knowing, intuition and psychic reality.

Here’s a relevant story: Ten years ago I met a young woman in her 20s who was a Carolyn Myss order of medical intuitive. She literally and accurately was able to tell me and others specific details of our medical history and precisely what was transpiring in our bodies in the last year in terms of wellness and distress areas.

Her energy both lifted and calmed the room. When she spoke, it was with an unusual grace of language that harbored no hint of judgment. We learned that she had a quiet mind – no mind chatter – and in fact it was clear that while she could lovingly assess another person and see his or her life patterns, she lacked the software to judge against another person or against these patterns.

In short, she was simply healed and awake from the self-limiting conditioning and True-Self suppression that occurs automatically in the child development stages of hierarchic societies, as ours is.

How did she reach this stage of grace? It wasn’t great parenting. Two years earlier she had failed at a suicide attempt – not enough pills – and was contemplating her next attempt when a friend invited her to a free demonstration workshop of a specific mind and mood management technique. Practicing it in the workshop, she found some release from her emotional pain, despair about the world and self-judgment.  Back home, since she was not working (her father way paying the rent), she decided to spend all her time using the technique with every negative thought and mood.  She kept getting better.

A year or so later she woke up one day with her mind completely quieted and unable to form a judgmental thought about any person or herself. Instead, there was an immense sense of loving awareness of others and an out-of-nowhere ability to see the energetic health forms of everyone she met, this wedded to an instant knowing and clarity in interpreting those forms into specific factual data about the person’s health, present and historic.

The moral of the tale: You can’t possibly experience who you really are and what you can know – what immense field of awareness you specifically can tap into – until you heal the inhibiting trauma and programming housed in your nervous system, which is what this young woman’s constant application of one specific healing technique allowed her to attain.

Or as Christ said: The Kingdom is within and you can’t know it until you choose in its favor and against your lower-level of thinking and behaving.

In modern terms, this simply means you can’t live and operate from the Kingdom within until you apply your very ancient human will and modern techniques to clearing the limiting beliefs and programmed blocks to what is innate in you.

As Huck Finn understood, there ain’t no better journey.

On Being Psychic and Intuitive

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