We’ve all done this unthinkable act before….the crime of ignoring a phone call. Whether it’s a bill collector, or chatty friend we’ve all intentionally not answered a phone call. Yes, I openly admit I’m a culprit of this very act. Thankfully, this post is not about how much you or I ignore people calling us (Whew! I’m sure that took a load off), this article is about how often we ignore the calls of life, purpose, & opportunity.


One of my favorite quotes by Helen Keller is, “The only thing worse than being blind is having sight, but no vision.” as I was reflecting on this quote, I created a slight personal modification “the only thing worse than being blind is having sight & vision and the inability to act on it”

This article is a reminder to those of you who know your purpose. You can see it, you think about it, it’s embedded in you, but yet you decide to remain laden with fear, crippled with excuses, and regretful about missed opportunity.


This condition is a self-inflicting nightmare. If you have no vision, there is no range of view in sight causing you to be completely blind to possibilities and hope. On the contrary, when you have vision you have received a glimpse of the possibilities for your life enabling a broader view. Even with your broaden view, how often do you continually choose to live in the narrow space? A state that cripples you from the new possibilities of life.


Are you wondering, “At what point do I answer my call” Here’s your answer:  It is when your comfort becomes uncomfortable. When the desire to be more, see more, learn more, grow more, serve more becomes greater than your mediocre and complacent self!


Take these 5 Steps to begin answering your call:

  • Put down the receiver: Carve out some quiet, time to find and follow your passion and listen to your inner man
  • Who’s on the other end? Remove toxic people, relationships, and activities from your life
  • Start Dialing: Learn to ask for, and seek out help from people that will encourage, motivate, and inspire you
  • Watch your conversation– There is power in your tongue! Speak affirming statements daily to others and yourself. Speak truth, and speak in love.
  • Call the Operator- Remain connected to the ultimate source. God is the ultimate operator. He knows exactly how to direct your call, to lead to purposeful living

These 5 Steps will lead you to Answer Your Call!

Ring..Ring..Ring-Opportunity is calling

Ring…Ring…Ring-Growth is calling

Ring…Ring..Ring-Hope, Peace & Love is calling

Ring…Ring…Ring-Service, volunteer opportunity to others is calling

Ring…Ring…Ring-Your business, book, idea, or invention is calling

Ring…Ring…Ring-Confidence,Avoidance  perseverance, & action is calling



ReCode from Avoiding to Answering Your Call! 


“Ring, Ring, Ring. Your Purpose is Calling”

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